We provide chronic pain treatment so you never have to suffer

Our *chronic pain patients* are the focus of our practice. If you or someone you know suffers from *chronic pain syndrome* or persistent pain from illness, injury, or aging, we want to help.

Nobody wants to be in pain. But for many, chronic pain is a way of life. Pain disrupts everything; our ability to work, to move around, to participate in activities we love. Many turn to medication for relief, but these are addictive, creating additional problems. Plus, pain medications don’t heal anything. They simply mask the pain. But InterX can.

Pain medications don’t heal anything. They simply mask the pain. But InterX can.

We’ve successfully treated patients who suffer from conditions like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and herniated discs, as well as those who have suffered injuries or are experiencing pain as they age. Simply put, there are few (if any) types of nerve pain that we can not treat.

Since no two patients are alike, we treat every case as unique. This starts with a full assessment of your condition, where the pain resides, the intensity, activities that may trigger pain, and so on. Then we get to work and begin to “scan, target, dynamic,” three steps that scan affected areas, target sensitive spots, and treat through dynamic activity.

After these initial treatments, we can create a comprehensive plan that suits your specific needs, condition, and lifestyle. This will involve a number of in-office visits, but could also include at-home treatments you perform on yourself using the InterX 1000 device.

Most treatment plans last a total of XX to XX sessions. This may vary, of course, based on the severity of your condition, age, your body’s acceptance of neurostimulation, and other factors. And while you may be “done” after, say, 15 visits, we recommend you follow up with additional appointments to keep your system in shape. And, as mentioned, at-home treatments with the InterX 1000 are very beneficial.

At the InterX Therapy Center, we treat patients of all ages, from all walks of life. From professional athletes to high school cheerleaders. Schedule your initial assesment appointment now and be on the road to recovery soon. Anyone in need of chronic pain syndrome treatment, please know, there is no need to suffer.