A 50 year old very busy business woman was referred to InterX Therapy Center for complaints of right shoulder and arm pain, left hip pain, and left knee pain after surgery that was keeping her from exercising and from sleeping well. She came into the clinic wearing a knee brace on the left knee. She was taking tramadol and aleve for pain and lunesta to sleep at night. Her pain ranged from 6-7 on a 10 pain scale for the left hip and knee and the shoulder was a 4 initially. She had her left knee scoped in March 2009 but was still having pain and wore a brace for walking. She had been a vigorous exerciser before the surgery but since surgery was only doing bicycle and pool exercises. She had been to therapy for her knee and had regular massages for the shoulder and hip but was still having pain that interfered with sleep and work.

Upon evaluation, this patient had full range of motion of the right shoulder with minimal pain but mild grinding, the left knee did not have full extension due to arthritis but flexion was good, the right knee had just a few degrees of limitation in motion. The left hip motion was normal but had moderate tightness in the IT band. The patient was insisting on wearing high heels for her work. She did a moderate amount of standing and walking which increased her left hip and knee pain when she wore her heels. After extensive explanation as to the biomechanics of why high heels were causing her left hip and knee to hurt with lack of full knee extension in walking, she reluctantly gave up wearing high heels which was the first step to getting reduction in pain.

As treatment progressed with the InterX device the patient went through intermittent periods of pain relief and flare ups. At the end of the first month, she no longer needed lunesta to sleep at night, tramadol rarely and took aleve as needed when she would get a flare up. She rented a home device to treat herself by the 8th visit.  She continued with her busy work and traveling schedule, taking her device with her and treating herself. Her pain was down to a 2 overall by the 9th visit. She only attended therapy 2 more times for follow up with her home program and treatment and was able at this point to treat herself and keep her pain very manageable with just taking aleve occasionally. She was able to return to regular exercise without difficulty and was able to work without knee and hip pain wearing flat shoes.

After dealing with pain for several years in multiple joints without a specific diagnosis except knee arthritis, this patient was very happy to be able to return to normal activity managing any pain that might return with the InterX home device.