A 57 year old retired pilot was suffering from bilateral foot pain since 2002. For years his pain was in the mid and forefoot diagnosed as metatarsalgia. In 2007 he began to suffer with plantarfascitis. He went to various doctors to relieve his symptoms, undergoing injections in the feet and trying night splints. Nothing was helping his pain so he decided to have surgery in Aug 2009 to correct his "arthritis" pain in his feet. After surgery, his pain increased to the point he could not stand more than 10 minutes without pain. His life became very stagnant as he wasn't able to stand or walk anywhere.

This patient's past medical history included a cervical fracture in 1989, thoracic injury, hiatal hernia, and knee scope 2005.

On the initial evaluation, the patient had foot pain at 5 on a 10 scale and thoracic pain also a 5. He described his foot pain as exhausting, burning, nagging, tender. His first treatment involved InterX to the spine and face only. He felt better for a few hours in his thoracic spine then his foot pain spiked to an 8 for the rest of the evening. The next day, his foot pain was a 3 and his thoracic pain was the best it had been in years. We continued treating his spine, face and accupressure points but stayed away from his feet with the stimulation early on. On his third visit his foot pain was a 1 his thoracic and cervical pain was now a 2. He was amazed that he received this much relief without ever touching his feet with the electrical  stimulation. He was now able to walk 30 minutes before increased foot pain.

By the 5th treatment the patient rented a home device to treat himself at home since his foot pain was staying at a 1-2 on 10 scale and neck and back still a 2. He continued to be amazed that his foot pain that he had for so many years was now almost completely gone and the treatment only involved actual treatment to the foot itself very briefly. He wondered if his problem all along was ever really in his feet and not coming from the spine as this area continued to require treatment and showed up being the most active area during treatment.

The patient was followed up for one more treatment to assess his ability to treat himself at home and manage his symptoms. He was doing great so he was discharged after 6 total visits. Not everyone gets this type of results this quickly with foot pain for 8 years. But this case shows it is possible.