EMF sensitivity is when a person has ill effects from radiation emitted from electrical devices.  Our patient who had EMF sensitivity, we will call him Fred, developed EMF sensitivity after diagnosed with autism at 18 months old. Fred was only able to communicate by spelling out words on an alphabet card. His father was the main provider of information to the clinic.

Before coming to InterX therapy, Fred would frequently be unable to get out of bed due to severe pain in his legs from sensitivity to solar flares and electric storms sometimes in another state. Often he would only be able to get out of bed 2-3 days per week. He would hit walls, wrap his head with a towel,  and bite his knuckles to help relieve his pain. Fred also had upper extremity ticks that he would exhibit by waving his hands in the air and making faces. His father took him every where to help relieve his pain with no success. Fred was 37 years old when he first came to InterX Therapy. Due to the severity of his condition and his extreme sensitivity he could only get to the clinic one day a week and at the beginning only every few weeks. He received the electric stimulation from the InterX device extremely well. Once he was able to get to the clinic for two visits a week he started to be able to get out of bed more frequently and his pain was subsiding, he also was much more calm with limited ticks or spontaneous movements.

Fred went through 16 treatments over a 3 month span at interx therapy. His father rented a device in the second month and worked on Fred at home. By the end of the third month, Fred was able to come into the clinic on a stormy day in Dallas with smiles on his face and no pains in his legs sitting calmly in the waiting room, smiling. His father continues to treat him at home and is very happy that his son is now living a more normal life with no bed bound days of pain.