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Julie - 51, Rotator Cuff Tear

Hi. I’m Julie and at the age of 51 I was diagnosed with a partial tear in my right rotator cuff. Imagine my disappointment when I awoke from surgery to find it was really a full tear PLUS a tear in my right bicep. I was 8 weeks with my right shoulder immobilized in a pillow sling (and yes, I am right handed). Having an extremely independent personality and a very busy lifestyle this tore me apart! I could not even dress myself or work on the computer at first.

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Hailey - 15, RSD Patient

My daughter, Hailey, has RSD/CRPS. She was diagnosed after removing a screw in her ankle
from a fall while rock climbing. The screw was to stay in her ankle for a full year. After 7 months,
it was unbearable for Hailey to keep it in. At this time the surgeons thought it was because the
screw may have been rubbing against her bone every time her ankle moved. The decision was
made to remove it.

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Cinde R. - 50, Shoulder, Head and Neck Pain

I came to InterX because of extreme shoulder, head and neck pain, with some TMJ involvement. As I write, I find it hard to remember now how terribly uncomfortable I was because I am so completely free of pain.

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Tim - 50, Back Surgery Pain

Due to a fall in May of 2010, I fractured the T12 vertebrae.  I had surgery to remove this vertebrae and fuse the T11 to the L1 vertebrae.  This was done from the side, cutting muscle, the diaphragm, and breaking a rib to gain access to the anterior side of my spine.  After 3 months...

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June 13, 2011
J.R, 44 - Back & Neck Pain, Allergies
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Tags: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Allergies, InterX Home Device
Nikki, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome


High School basketball player experienced unexplained pain

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Tags: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Al Ray, 70 - Herniated Disk

I hurt my back putting my German Shepard dog in the back of my truck. The doctors diagnosed the problem as a herniated disc. They told me I could have surgery on it or I could just leave it alone and, if I could avoid re-injury, there was a possibility it would heal itself...

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Tags: herniated disk, back injury
Linsey H -16, Knee Injury/Seizures

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In August 2004, Linsey suffered a knee injury. After two months of physical therapy, she returned to cheerleading. One week after returning to the squad, Linsey suffered a fractured vertebra (L4 Pars Defect) performing a stunt at practice. This serious injury resulted in a back brace and later surgically implanted wires and screws to stabilize her back. Although Linsey had begun to recover from these two accidents, increasing pain in her leg and back caused her condition to deteriorate until she began to suffer seizures, sometimes lasting up to six hours, due to the intense pain.

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Tags: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), Knee Injury, seizures
Megan H - 27, Chronic Headaches

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Megan is 27 years old and has many special needs due to an underlying neurological condition. She has had over 70 surgical procedures in the past including a complete hysterectomy 3 years ago.  Not long after that, Megan developed chronic headaches. Megan saw neurologists, headache specialists, pain management doctors, acupuncturists and chiropractors who tried just about everything they could think of to help her headaches... all without success.

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Tags: Chronic Headaches
Jennifer, 45 - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

My journey began with a simple ligament injury in one foot which ended up progressing into unexplainable neuropathic pain in both feet. It was difficult to be on my feet for any length of time, walking or standing. It took two years to get a useful diagnosis after having gone to many orthopedic specialists, podiatrists, physical therapists, other types of doctors (rheumatologist, endocrinologist, etc.), and various alternative medicine practitioners (chiropractors, etc.). A neurologist finally gave me a tentative diagnosis of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

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Tags: Reflex Sympathetic Dystroph, foot pain, unexplained neuropathic pain
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